How We Work

Philanthropy is all about relationships; the linchpin to impactful fundraising results.  So, for us, it’s quite simple:  Develop and nurture partnerships rooted in knowledge, integrity and trust.

These characteristics are what we value most about our professional practice.  First, we go to great lengths to learn all about our clients, their unique culture, circumstances, etc; then we think through a work relationship best suited to that criteria.  

As a result, roughly 90% of our work comes from client referrals and repeat engagements.  

How We Can Help You

Planning and preparation are axiomatic to successful fundraising efforts.  There are no substitutes or shortcuts.   Disciplined discovery and sequential thinking are the essential elements of a tailored, strategic roadmap leading to achievement of well-defined goals and objectives.  

The GSI team works side by side with clients in providing the following services:  


  • Campaign/major gift planning studies

  • Strategic preparation

  • Comprehensive research

  • Onsite campaign management - part or full-time

  • Campaign consultation

  • Post campaign evaluation or consultation


  • Foundation/development long and short range planning

  • Program auditing

  • Philanthropic capacity assessments

  • Case development

  • Leadership development and volunteer education

REACH...GSI's Data Analytics and Research

GSI has committed significant resources to developing the best available data analytics and philanthropic research capabilities. 

  • Data Analytics: Donor and prospect "data" provides insight that often unlocks significant donor potential. REACH, GSI's comprehensive data analytics package, can solve the enigmas of your fundraising operation with which you struggle everyday... "Are we getting the most out of our donor universe?" REACH is designed to help you transform latent donors into motivated donors. We will analyze the donor data you track with the objective of identifying current donors that under-perform and can be cultivated to higher levels. Simply stated, we help development professionals reach beyond their current goals...and your new fundraising goals will be achieved with a greater return on investment

  • Philanthropic Research: Successful development operations and major gift approaches are predicated on a comprehensive body of knowledge, information and data. Our clients repeatedly tell us that this is one of the most important and valuable services we provide. Our research can both stand as an independent provision or supplement a more comprehensive research initiative as part of GSI's REACH. Whichever the engagement, we leave no stone unturned and employ the most advanced tools in uncovering key information leading to the formulation of informed major gift approaches.


GSI’s Division of Public Relations and Communications provides an array of comprehensive, bona-fide public relations and communications services.  While it is rare for a philanthropic consulting firm to offer such services, we do so based on our experience and understanding of their absolutely vital importance in supporting institution-wide goals and objectives.  

Our focus is to position your organization and its strategic vision in order to gain a competitive edge and establish a solid platform of awareness through the following services:

  • Multi-Media Collateral

  • Campaign Public Relations/Communications Plans

  • Traditional Media Relations and Publicity

  • Social Media

  • Advertising and Promotion

  • Direct Marketing

  • Crisis and Issues Management

  • Brand Awareness

  • Image and Positioning

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