In-person, face-to-face contact with donors and prospects has long been critical to fundraising success. But given today’s rules of engagement, where social distancing and virtual meetings are more common, can fundraisers generate the same results? Are virtual solicitations truly effective?

Yes, they can be.

Over the past several months, we’ve helped clients prepare for and conduct numerous virtual solicitations. Some have even resulted in seven- and eight-figure gifts. Naturally, not everyone will eagerly embrace virtual fundraising or consider it a suitable substitute for traditional meetings. But many of your donors may be comfortable with conversations, even solicitations, conducted through video platforms, and in those instances your fundraising activities should proceed apace.

The coronavirus pandemic has crippled our nation in unprecedented ways and upended the social fabric beyond measure. But one silver lining might be the growing acceptance of virtual development as one arrow in a fundraiser’s quiver. When we emerge from COVID-19, fundraising eventually will return to normal, or perhaps some new form of normal that will feature a better appreciation for remote engagements. From the nonprofit’s perspective, consider the cost savings realized from a reduction in travel, lodging and related expenses. Consider the convenience of scheduling the time of busy people for whom such travel might not be feasible. Consider the potential of conducting an online meeting with individuals across three continents and having a conversation that would otherwise never take place.

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