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Aspen Valley Receives $10 Million Gift from Anonymous Donor

By: Deborah Breen, President and CEO, Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation

May 27, 2015

Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation has received an anonymous gift of $10 million to support the Campaign for Aspen Valley Hospital. News of the gift came just over a week ago after a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, made the decision to be the first eight-figure gift to the Campaign for Aspen Valley Hospital - catapulting the overall fundraising efforts of the organization. This donor saw the need for having quality healthcare available in our community, and wanted to help in a very significant and impactful way. This is a transformational gift for the organization.

To date, campaign indicators have all been very positive. Typically, the top ten gifts of any capital campaign need to comprise at least 50% of the campaign goal. To date, the top ten gifts total $31 million - pointing to a campaign that should not only reach the $60 million mark, but, perhaps, even exceed it. In addition to this extraordinary $10 million gift, eight other gifts have also been received at the seven-figure level. We have seen terrific participation from dozens of other donors, grateful patients, physicians and employees.

This is an incredible boost to our overall campaign efforts, and the entire AVH family shares in the excitement of receiving such an incredible gift - which is not only the first eight-figure gift to the campaign, but also the first eight-figure gift ever to be received by the hospital.

We continue to see people stepping forward with unprecedented support for the hospital, many of whom have been inspired by the exceptional care they or a loved one has received. By matching donors` interests with the needs of the organization, AVH Foundation is standing true to its mission to help broaden philanthropic efforts to allow an even higher level of care in our community, delivered in facilities of which we can all be proud.

With more than half of the minimum goal of $60 million now in hand, AVH Foundation, its board and campaign committee members remain focused on continuing outreach efforts. This year alone, an additional $12 million has been committed to the overall effort and the total raised to date now stands firmly at $33.5 million.

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