About Us

GSI has always been a distinctive fundraising consulting firm. Never satisfied with conventional wisdom and standard practices, we’ve changed the way nonprofits engage donors, raise money and positively impact their communities. We shifted our industry from feasibility studies to planning studies, understanding that our clients wanted to plan a campaign and not just consider the possibility. We revolutionized the use of data in calculating fundraising potential, resulting in remarkably accurate financial projections and outcomes. We instituted strategic preparation services to ensure our clients have the capacity, not just the desire, to wage a successful campaign. And today we are introducing innovative ways to embrace technology and engage new generations of donors through mobile solutions.

What began as a partnership rooted in healthcare philanthropy has grown into a full-service firm with clients across the nonprofit spectrum. Over our 30 years we’ve helped thousands of organizations realize more than $7 billion and, more important, strengthen their ability make an impact long after our engagement concludes.

At GSI, we promise to challenge your assumptions, not simply affirm them, and to position you for unprecedented levels of fundraising success. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask our clients about us. Then let’s talk about how GSI can make a difference for you.