A new survey from the Chronicle of Philanthropy reveals that fundraisers are generally dissatisfied, and many are planning to leave the profession.

From the Chronicle:

Too much pressure to meet unrealistic fundraising goals, coupled with too little pay and frustrating organizational cultures, is driving away fundraisers….

Half of all fundraisers surveyed expect to leave their jobs in the next two years, the report says.

Even more alarming, three in 10 said they had recently left or plan to leave the development field altogether in the next two years.

It continues:

The reasons the revolving door keeps spinning are numerous, our survey shows. But two findings stand out:

  • 84 percent of fundraisers said they felt “tremendous pressure to succeed” in their role.

  • 55 percent said they “often feel unappreciated” in their work.

Do these findings mesh with your experiences and opinions? If you’re a fundraiser, does this resonate? What can nonprofits do to improve morale and retention?